Melissa holding honey comb Shawn holding brood comb

Toronto Honeys is a love story between two beekeepers, thousands of bees, and millions of flowers.

Shawn Caza and Melissa Berney met in 2010, sharing a passion for local food, environmental sustainability, and bees.

After years spent learning the art of urban beekeeping they started their own hives in 2012.

Their hives are located at the Fort York National Historic Site and Islington United Church.

Sweet Life Philosophy

Organic is Beautiful
Celebrate Diversity
Travel Lightly

Organic is Beautiful

Bee walking on Shawn's finger

We think bees are just about the most amazing thing going. We try to respect them with a bee-centric approach that meets or exceeds organic management practices.

Celebrate Diversity

Bumblebee drinking nectar from flower

We keep only a small number of colonies at each site, to ensure there is plenty left to eat for the hundreds of kinds of wild bees that also call Toronto home.

Waste Nothing

Hive construction with reclaimed materials

We custom design and build hives to be more people, planet and bee friendly.

We use: offcuts from woodworkers, old printing press plates for roofing, burlap bags from coffee shops and left over saw dust to insulate.

Travel Lightly

Shawn cycling with hive boxes

We’re bike based beekeepers. Visits to the bees and transport of just about everything other than live bees happen by pedal power.